Intelligent Urban Design

Extraordinary real estate never exists in a vacuum. Context is everything.

At each project’s inception, Crescent Heights engages with local community groups and stakeholders in an extensive program of outreach and conversation. We attentively gauge feedback and deliver the best in creative urban planning to every aspect of development.

Our firm is uncompromising in its efforts to select retail that is uniquely curated to fit the needs and identity of the neighborhood. We strive to craft experiences that are inclusive of everyone by seeking out creative retail partners that can connect authentically with the community.

Our objective is always to create a welcoming hub for civic and cultural life, and to enrich common gathering spots with beautiful landscaping, lush greenery, and comfortable seating areas. We focus on designing spaces that encourage increased foot traffic and spontaneous social interaction, highlighting the best of the local living experience.

One recent example is 600 Alton, where we have been working together with the neighborhood to craft the best possible plan that offers an intelligently-designed public park with maximum feasible surface area, lush sustainable landscaping, and thoughtful community programming. Design plans for this mixed-use development include a carefully curated retail collection, public art, and a variety of homes envisioned to respectfully compliment the gateway skyline of Miami Beach and respond to the needs of the local community.

The Hub at 10 South Van Ness