who we are

Innovative thinking, world-class design, and market expertise have set Crescent Heights® apart as a visionary real estate brand

Crescent Heights® is one of the nation’s leading real estate brands. For more than three decades, the people behind Crescent Heights® have been creating innovative condominiums, rental communities, office buildings and hotels in major urban and coastal cities across the nation.

We have earned a reputation for identifying emerging real estate markets and trends, recognizing changes in lifestyle desires, and responding with projects that capture the unique spirit of their locations and elevate the everyday experiences of residents, guests, and tenants.

Crescent Heights® Residences have set a new standard for quality and attention to detail from intelligently designed interiors and amenities to personalized services and tech-savvy features.

We invite you to explore our growing portfolio of Crescent Heights® Residences and discover how Crescent Heights® creates value for our residents as well as the surrounding communities.

what we do

Inventing innovative spaces in America’s most compelling urban locations is how Crescent Heights® creates quintessentially inspired places to live, work and play

Crescent Heights® seeks out emerging and established neighborhoods nationwide, and then we create a new vision for their future. We work with world-class architects, interior designers, and landscape artists to conceive exceptional new residential communities from the ground up, or completely transform existing properties so they speak to contemporary tastes.

People are changing, homes are changing and technology is changing the way we live. Crescent Heights® Residences reflect the local energy and unique character of the people who live there. They are defined by design and concepts that transform our experience. An essential part of that experience is onsite staff members who are carefully chosen and trained to provide an unparalleled quality of personal service, strengthening the bonds of community and family.

Our History

Crescent Heights® stands at the leading edge of a long history of success as a catalyst for the development of some of the most desirable places to live

Crescent Heights® has the rare ability to identify and then capitalize on lifestyle trends ahead of the curve. We introduced the idea of creating a community in the heart of Wall Street, pioneering the renaissance of the Financial District in New York City as a premier residential neighborhood. Today, 30,000 people call it home.

Before anyone believed there could be a market in Atlanta for condos and high-rises, Crescent Heights® led the way with the development of Mayfair, the first major mid-rise in downtown Atlanta. Mayfair sparked the rebirth of the city’s Buckhead neighborhood and was the impetus behind the ensuing condo craze.

Crescent Heights®' vision and sound strategy was also behind the first development in San Diego’s Gaslight District and played a key role in the revitalization of San Francisco’s SOMA and Mid-Market districts. Our brand brought to life the largest condo conversion in Boston as well as one of the largest downtown developments in Dallas.
In America’s most fabled cities, Crescent Heights®’ impact has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Crescent Heights® Timeline of Landmark Achievements