Vertical Integration

Crescent Heights’ in-house teams leverage a comprehensive range of real estate capabilities, enabling the firm to consistently deliver market-leading, award-winning projects.

With offices in every major city across the United States and a seasoned staff of real estate industry veterans, Crescent Heights brings the benefits of vertical integration to every market that it serves. Communication and cooperation are seamlessly orchestrated across every department and projects are brought to fruition with optimal efficiency, quality control, and attention to brand integrity. 

Crescent Heights Construction Project

Acquisition & Disposition

Local acquisition teams on the ground in every market enable Crescent Heights to source deals through strong relationships with top brokers and property owners. The firm conducts thorough due diligence and analysis when underwriting each prospective deal.


Crescent Heights’ in-house entitlements team works conscientiously with municipalities, community stakeholders, and local organizations to ensure that the interests of residents and the integrity of neighborhoods are fully considered. 

Shamir Shah designed elevator lobby at Ten Thousand

Architecture & Design

Our design team conceptualizes, purchases, and executes all building elements, bringing decades of experience to every detail and ensuring all designs are simultaneously in the vanguard and timeless. By handling procurement internally, Crescent Heights is able to customize our buildings while delivering best-in-category, world-class design.


Crescent Heights is committed to the highest standards of excellence. Consideration of zoning processes; programmatic, structural and technical analyses; lifestyle programming; public art; and sustainability efforts demonstrate the firm’s comprehensive approach to responsible urban development. All new construction buildings are designed to achieve LEED certifications from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Construction Team

Construction Management

Crescent Heights’ in-house team oversees all new development, including planning, design, construction, and operation, asserting greater control of timelines, costs, feasibility, and the quality of every project. 

Asset Management

Crescent Heights self-manages every asset we develop to ensure long-term preservation and enhancement of the property value. On-site teams are carefully selected and trained to our standards of excellence to ensure that residents enjoy superior service and properties are maintained at the highest level of quality and brand integrity. We consistently set industry records for new development lease-up progress.


Crescent Heights excels at identifying and implementing strategic enhancements that increase the cash flow and value of existing assets. Improvements include activating underutilized spaces with unique programming, upgrading retail to complement the residential component, creating functional unit layouts, and technologically maximizing residents’ use of amenities and services.

Resident Bar and Lounge at Ten Thousand

Corporate Operations

Crescent Heights has built in-house teams with expertise across every discipline impacting the successful development of real estate projects. Our departments include research and development, legal, human resources, accounting, finance, tax and compliance, information technology, marketing and public relations, quality control, leasing and sales, and commercial asset management.