Job Creation

A major factor in the growth of Crescent Heights has been the experience, dedication and longevity of our employees. 

Many of our team members have been with Crescent Heights since the company’s inception, and nearly every one of our regional managers and department heads has been promoted from within.

We cherish our ability to operate nationally and execute at a high level while maintaining a family-like culture where lasting relationships are built on mutual respect and a shared sense of accomplishment. Thanks to our diverse and highly skilled employees, we can perform virtually every aspect of our developments in-house, tackling complex problems with ease and turning tough obstacles into true success stories.

Crescent Heights has built large projects for over 30 years and created tens of thousands of jobs. The development of each project not only leads to temporary construction jobs, but to the creation of permanent, locally fulfilled employment — from ongoing management and service positions to new retail and start-up business opportunities.

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