Crescent Heights is the nation's leading urban real estate firm, specializing in the development, ownership, and operation of architecturally distinctive mixed-use high-rises in major cities across the United States.

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Created by Crescent Heights, NEMA is the original multi-city lifestyle apartment brand that is locally inspired, community-minded, and at your service.

About Us

Inspired locally, established nationally.

The architecture, interior design, and amenities of each Crescent Heights project are infused with the history, climate, and character of its local neighborhood. This synthesis creates each unique Crescent Heights Residence. Crescent Heights self-manages each project and develops extensive lifestyle programming designed to create an authentic local micro-community.

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Crescent Heights Residences

A broad range of skills and experience.

Crescent Heights has a long and unique history of successfully completing land entitlements, building new construction projects, and adding value to existing developments, all in multiple geographic markets. This experience enables us to intelligently choose the right project in the right place at the right time.

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The Lab at Jasper San Francisco

Long-standing affiliations with major financial institutions.

Crescent Heights maintains excellent long-term relationships with the world's most respected banking and lending firms.

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Jasper San Francisco Living Green Wall
  • “Throughout the process, Crescent Heights has proven to be highly professional, capable, and ethical in all dealings. We look forward to future ventures with their organization.”

    Bank of China
  • “Their strong loyalty to their business relationships and the integrity they exhibit in those relationships is most impressive.”

    Bank of America
  • “It was a pleasure working with your dynamic and professional management, due diligence and closing teams.”

    CITI Private Bank
  • “We count Crescent Heights as one of our top tier relationships in the commercial real estate department of HSBC Bank USA. ”

  • “Crescent Heights is a highly valued client for Barclay’s Capital and we welcome the opportunity to expand our lending relationship.”

    Barclays Capital
  • “Throughout the entire process we have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of individuals.”

    Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • “We respect and admire Crescent Heights’ astute business judgement, high ethical standards, and commitment to success.”

    Regions Bank
  • “I have developed a healthy respect for Crescent Heights’ ability to perform. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.”

  • “Your hard work and ethics, along with your commitment to family and charity, are a formula for success.”

    Credit Suisse
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to work with your team. I appreciate all your efforts in making this a successful transaction for all parties. ”

    Pacific Life
  • “Through the entire transaction process, your team exuded professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment and were truly a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our next transaction. ”

    Deutsche Bank
  • “ST has enjoyed a positive, across-the-table relationship with Crescent Heights and hopes for that to continue into the future.”

    ST Residential
  • “It is a pleasure working with you. I look forward to the success of the project and to a long, productive relationship. ”

    Bentall Kennedy
  • “Warm thanks to you and your team for the professional manner in which the purchase process was handled from start to finish. ”

    Danske Bank

Bespoke residences.

Crescent Heights Residences all share a set of essential unifying elements: artful design and world-class architecture; thoughtful lifestyle and retail programming; and technological optimization of white-glove services and amenities, yet in every individual project each of these aspects is carefully tailored to reflect the local culture and environment.

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Ten Thousand Residence View

Enhancing neighborhoods.

Crescent Heights recognizes that each new project we develop will become an integral part of its neighborhood and we are committed to creating a living legacy that helps communities thrive long into the future. Transit-oriented features, public art installations, creative retail, and environmental sustainability are priorities, and we actively engage local stakeholders to ensure that each project supports the long-term well-being of its community.

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NEMA San Francisco Public Art Plaza
Neighborhood Retail
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